Metanoia – A fundamental shift of the mind

Our company name Metanoia is derived from a Greek word meaning “a fundamental shift of the mind or a transformative change of heart”. We seek to follow our purpose and work for the advancement of the African pharmaceutical industry, and for the cause of universal access to safe efficacious and affordable medicines of high quality to the people of the African continent.

Our logo is a combination of, and is inspired by the African Adinkra symbols of Ananse Ntotan which means "spider's web; and which represents creativity and wisdom; and the Bese Saka, “the kola nut”, a symbol of affluence, power, abundance, plenty, togetherness and unity. This symbol encourages agriculture and trade and industry among people.

The two symbols aptly capture what Metanoia is about – finding creative and winning solutions, building bridges for trade and chaperoning new entrants and assisting the to navigate safely onto the shores of the African continent. Therefore, like the lighthouses of old, which were buildings or structures designed to emit light; and were used as navigation aids to mark dangerous coastlines or assist ships negotiate safe entry to habours, Metanoia aspires to escort international biopharmaceutical companies and other organizations intent on entering the African pharmaceutical space safe entry and successful docking.

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Few More Words About Us

We believe that the African pharmaceutical market is the next growth frontier. Many leading global companies, and small privately owned biopharmaceutical companies now recognise the opportunity that this vast but heterogeneous market, with a combined population of 1.03 billion people, and GDP of 2 trillion, and healthcare expenditure of 200 billion USD presents. However, myths, misperceptions, Afro-pessimism and a general lack of knowledge is keeping many interested parties at bay. Metanoia was founded in 2013 to assist such companies navigate the African pharmaceutical space calmly, informed by the need on the ground, the opportunity presented, and the purpose / vision, values and strategy of the client company. The Metanoia promise is to become a constellation by which companies can navigate, a lighthouse to lead them safely to shore, leading to superior and sustained health outcomes and financial performance.